Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ode to JT

Top three reasons why I love my best friend:

1. She speaks my language. For example, the following is an actual conversation she and I shared via Facebook:

Princess: JESSICA! Did you hear?! Hemme Royad and the Dire Rears are coming to the Moore Theater in time for Thanksgiving. I know you've been itching to see them. I'm trying to talk Clam into going... a group date!

JT: I can't wait! She seems eager.

Princess: You think that maybe we could swing some all-access passes to "behind the scene?" I'd like to see what goes on behind the Dire Rears.

JT: That would be interesting. I heard that The Schmears were opening for them.

Princess: *sniggering*

2. Her house is a reflection of her awesome personality. That’s why I love going there so much! Here is a collection of some random photos I took while at her home over the summer.

(in her front yard)

(kitchen window sill, part 1)

(kitchen window sill, part 2)

(These were born under her kid's bed)

3. Her kids are hilarious.

(JT's husband takes their only daughter on a slide ride at the Puyallup Fair)

I have barrels of laughs with JT and her family.

Now if only I could figure out a way for them to adopt me. :)


  1. We'll adopt you!!! You can sleep upstairs, I'm sure there's room.

  2. Yay! Now I can be more like the Savior! Hey, he was adopted too. ;)