Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wish I had my camera.

Things I saw today:

• An elderly Asian woman smoking not five feet from her car where it was being pumped full of fuel at the gas station.

(I was just waiting for this to happen)

• Another elderly Asian woman “walking” her two small dogs (both dogs were wearing sweaters) in the spacious Barnes & Noble parking lot. But her walking techniques consisted of jogging in the opposite direction of the dogs and hollering until the dogs caught wind of what was going on and scurried over to run ahead of her. Then the cute little old lady would cut and run in a completely new direction. This went on for the ten minutes I sat in the parking eating my lunch.

• The aftermath where a vehicle had plowed through an intersection, side-swiping a white mini-van. It had apparently proceeded down the road ¼ of a mile where it then plowed through the wood fence surrounding an apartment complex, just barely missing the apartment that was closest to the road, but managing to wrap itself around a small but sturdy tree.

• A display full of Presidential Chia Pets that were on sale (50% off!). I refrained from getting the “Determined Obama,” since my best friend already had that one. I got the Abraham Lincoln one instead. Pictures will surely follow.

("Determined" Obama. The "Happy" Obama chia pet creeps me out.)

Makes me wish I had my camera with me.


  1. sweet baby Jesus! I am Totally getting a Presidential Chia pet for the whole family.
    never forget the all important phone camera. It saved me many times. I hate describing the bizarre.

  2. I had a chia pet once. I was surprised at how bad it smelled.

  3. Oh man! I've got super-sensitive shnoz. I hope it's not too rank.

  4. I've seen it all now... an Obama Chia Pet. I must, no, I will get one of those. And I'm not even American!

  5. It is after all our patriotic duty, is it not? ;)